Click video below for a recap of our 2016 Adoption Blitz!

Seattle Humane’s annual Pet Adoption Blitz is a one-time weekend event where adoption fees are waived on all pets in our care. This is a fun and busy shelter event that’s also a great opportunity for families who may need that extra cash to purchase their new pet’s starter supplies. Our ability to waive fees for one weekend is only possible because of the support of our generous donors.

Our adoption process remains the same year-round. Trained adoption advisors speak with every potential adopter to review their pre-adoption questionnaire and ensure a perfect match between them and a furry family member.

This popular event is a favorite among staff, volunteers and the public. It’s really a celebration of everything we do and it’s our gift to new families. Do you have questions about this event, our policies, or anything else? Just ask!

Read about Kenny’s adoption experience of Belle during our first-ever Blitz weekend.

Dear Seattle Humane,

A few years ago, Seattle Humane had a free adoption weekend. I lived and currently live in Bellingham and saw the ad. I was in a rough spot in my life, with a lot of turmoil and problems, and came down to check out the dogs… it was Sunday at around 5 p.m. Needless to say there were not many dogs left. But I came across Belle.

I had no idea what kind of dog she was or what kind of dog I was looking for. She wouldn't lift her head off the ground for me to even pet her – and yet there was a connection. I felt the same way she did at that moment and understood the loneliness, despair, and defeat she obviously was showing at that time. She had crystalluria (crystals in her urine) and no one would take a chance on her. After receiving word from my grandmother that in case of an emergency, I had her full support, I offered a donation and Belle was mine.

Since then, I have changed her name to Bella and we have had two wild years together. She has remained incident free on C/D dog food, though I am currently weaning her off with veterinarian permission. She remains somewhat stoic around other dogs but is a people dog and just needs to be looked after a bit more than your average dog. I wanted to share with you my extreme gratitude for the services you do for these animals and people alike. A free adoption weekend gives a chance to people like me – who don't have a large income but a large heart –- the opportunity to give an animal the life they deserve.



Well Hello There!

Frida blossomed into a social butterfly. She now loves going to the park and snuggling. She has filled my heart with happiness since adopting her years ago!