Sammie’s Fund

Was founded by Andy Ciapalo and Dayle and David Moss in memory of Andy’s sweetie and Dayle’s sister, Wendy. Wendy, who died in 2010 at the young age of 52, had a special place in her heart for older dogs. During their 17 years together, Wendy and Andy cared for 15 dogs in the final stages of life. Some dogs were with them for months, some for a few years. Sammie, a beautiful chocolate lab, was Wendy’s first dog. When Wendy met Andy the three of them were a family for four years before Sammie passed away.

On average, dogs older than 7 typically spend 60 percent more time at the shelter before adoption than other dogs do. It costs us 230 percent more to care for an older dog because of this additional time and 435 percent more to care for an older cat. Regardless of age, all of our animals receive a complete medical check-up when they arrive and are spayed or neutered and micro-chipped. However, older animals often need more extensive medical care when they arrive and Sammie’s Fund makes that possible.

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Well Hello There!

Frida blossomed into a social butterfly. She now loves going to the park and snuggling. She has filled my heart with happiness since adopting her years ago!