Grinstein Fund for Cats

The Keith D. Grinstein Fund provides cats with the extra medical care they need to be healthy, happy and adoptable. The fund was started by a group of close friends and business associate who wanted to establish a fund in honor of Keith, who died unexpectedly in 2008 at the age of 48.

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History of the Fund

In cooperation with Keith's widow, Claire, Seattle Humane established the Grinstein Fund honoring Grinstein's passion for cats, including his own cat, Ivy. Keith Grinstein was a prominent figure in the Seattle business community and served as chairman of coin-counting machine company Coinstar. Keith was also well-known for his philanthropic work, serving on the board of several organizations and giving to progressive political causes.

Funding Urgent Medical Care

The Grinstein Fund provides urgent medical care needed to make cats who are shelter guests at Seattle Humane adoptable. There are hundreds of cats who come to us needing just a little more medical attention than many shelters can provide. These are cats who would make excellent pets, yet they suffer from common injuries such as broken legs and infected cuts. For a few hundred dollars of medical attention, we will be able to treat each of these cats and make them available for adoption.

Success Stories

Scooter was born with a calcium deficiency, which left him with a malformed leg. Many shelters are not able to provide the care and attention that underage kittens need, especially under-socialized ones with medical issues like Scooter. Lucky for Scooter, he was brought to Seattle Humane. Our veterinarians performed surgery to remove the stunted limb. Now Scooter has a faux fur-lined bed in a home of his own where he likes to gather up all his toys and sleep on them. His dadsays, "As soon as I walk into the room, Scooter breaks out into a purr and his eyes just light up. He's like a puppy dog who follows me everywhere I go." Thanks to the Grinstein Fund, we are able to provide the life-saving medical care that cats like Scooter need. 



Well Hello There!

We adopted brother and sister cats who love to play, explore, and be loved. They're also great with our grandchildren and have brought a lot of fun to our household.

Proud Parents to Sunny & Pansy