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How Kids & Teens Help

Young Volunteers
Because of staffing concerns and safety issues, we are unable to offer volunteer positions to people under age 18. However, there are many ways for you to help the animals!

Sign Up for Humane Teen Club (Teens 13-17)
A selected group of teens age 13-17 can volunteer time as a Humane Teen Club member. Learn more about this program.

Host a Pet Food Drive
Donations of pet food, supplies, toys and cat litter are always appreciated. Many of these items are distributed to low-income senior pet owners and pet owners living with AIDS or cancer.

Make Snuffle Mats for Dog Enchrichment
This easy DIY project is perfect for keeping adoptable dogs busy, happy and mentally stimulated. Click here for an easy 6-step tutorial.

Knit Blankets For Cats Awaiting Adoption
All of the cats in our care receive a blanket or towel to make their cat cubby more comfortable. The cats especially love knit blankets. This is a great way to learn a new skill, or practice an old one, and benefit the cats on our campus.

Make Catnip Toys for Our Fabulous Felines
Catnip-filled socks make wonderful toys! All you need are baby socks, cotton balls, dried catnip, and a needle and thread. Take a baby sock and fill it with cotton balls and a wad of catnip in the center. Then sew off the top of the sock and clip any loose threads. You're done!

Coordinate a Coin Drive
Collect coins from family, friends and neighbors or monitor a coin collection at a business — when the can is full, bring it to the Seattle Humane Society.

Host a Fundraiser
Hold bake sales, yard sales, craft sales, participate in walk-a-thons, and much more! Feel free to use your imagination to come up with a fundraising idea. Our online fundraising website People Helping Pets, can also help you fundraise at your event.

Hold a Cat Toy Drive
You can help the cats in our care by collecting furry mice, catnip toys, Da Bird wands, and other toys. 


Read more about how local kids and teens in our community have helped the animals at Seattle Humane.

School Community Service Hours

To earn school community service hours, contact to register for this program. 

Well Hello There!

Frida blossomed into a social butterfly. She now loves going to the park and snuggling. She has filled my heart with happiness since adopting her almost two years ago!