Add your brick to the Walk of Fame in front of Seattle Humane's new shelter

See your words in stone

June 30

Last chance to order your brick or paver to honor your pet!

September 2018

Your brick or paver will be installed on our new shelter's Walk of Fame.

September 22, 2018

Bring your pet to visit your personalized brick or paver on our Walk of Fame.

Hurry! Order by June 30 and memorialize your love.

Your gift will always be remembered.

Take this once-a-year opportunity to give a gift that will be remembered for years to come. Your personalized paver or brick will be set in the beautiful Walk of Fame of our new facility — telling thousands of people how much joy your pet has brought you.

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Q: What is the difference between a brick and a paver?
A: 4”x 8” bricks are customizable with 3 lines of text — up to 20 characters per line, and cost $500. 8”x 8” pavers are customizable with 6 lines of text — up to 20 characters per line and cost $1,000.

Q: Are spaces and punctuation included in the character limit?
A: Yes, spaces and punctuation are included in the character limit.

Q: Can I include a pet’s photo or symbols (such as a heart or paw print) in my inscription?
A: Unfortunately, we can only accommodate the characters found on a regular keyboard.

Q: When and where will bricks and pavers be installed?
A: Bricks and pavers will be installed in the walkway in front of the Adoptions Lobby annually every September.

Q: What colors will bricks and pavers be?
A: A deep red brick color (see pictures).

Q: My friend has also purchased a brick/paver. OR I have purchased multiple bricks/pavers. Is it possible to have them next to each other?
A: At this time, we cannot guarantee placement of any bricks or pavers together.

Q: I already purchased my brick/paver, but have not sent in my inscription. When is the deadline to submit my personalized message?
A: Please have your personalized inscription finalized and submitted by August 1.

Q: What happens if I miss the deadline for brick/paver orders or inscription submissions?
A: We will send you a reminder email to help ensure that you get your personalized inscription submitted by August 1 so it will be included in the annual order. If you do not submit your personalized inscription before the final order is placed with the brick vendor, you will still have an opportunity to have your brick or paver installed the following year.

Q: I have purchased my brick/paver and need to submit or change an inscription. How can I do this?
A: For those who have purchased their brick/paver and need to submit an inscription, an email reminder will go out before the final order is placed. If a donor needs more information on how to submit or change their inscription, please contact Donor Services at (425) 373-5382 or immediately to ensure that the change is made prior to the annual order.

Q: Is my gift tax deductible?
A: Yes! Each brick and paver is fully tax deductible.

Q: My employer has a matching gift program. Can I use the matching funds to pay for my brick or paver?
A: Each donation of $500 or $1,000 must be paid for completely by the donor. While matching gifts cannot be used toward the reservation of a brick or paver, we welcome these additional gifts to support Seattle Humane’s new facility.

Q: When will I be able to see my brick or paver installed?
A: The brick and paver unveiling breakfast will be held on the last Saturday of September annually. You can expect to receive an invitation in late summer after the order is placed. You can come view your brick or paver any time after installation.