Pet Stories


Kat Goes from Shy to Social

At Seattle Humane, we have the ability to help save the lives of many more pets thanks to our Life-Saver Rescue Program. By partnering with other shelters that lack space and resources, we can give a second chance to pets in need. Plus those shelters have the capacity to take in even more animals – doubling the life-saving capacity of our program. Kat, a 2-year-old Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix, was one of those lucky dogs who was transferred to Seattle Humane from Eastern Washington.

Kat was originally found as a stray and brought to the nearest shelter. She was pregnant, and the shelter didn’t have the resources to care for her and her unborn puppies. But thanks to our Life-Saver Rescue Program, we brought Kat to Seattle Humane and gave her good food, medical care, and time in a foster home for her to have and nurse her puppies. When Kat’s puppies reached 8 weeks of age, they were all quickly adopted by loving families. Kat spent a short amount of time in foster care after her puppies were adopted to gain more confidence. It took her some time to realize the world wasn’t all big and scary. Soon after her stay in foster care she was adopted and is now enjoying her new life as a cherished therapy pet. She quickly blossomed into a very loving and devoted companion – her dad cannot imagine life without her now!

Even though Kat and her puppies have their own homes now, they still make time for family reunions! They plan to all meet up again for a reunion on the pups’ one-year birthdays.

Small but Strong: A Dog Named Maxamillion

For a dog with such a gentle, loving and often silly nature, Maxamillion sure didn’t look the part. He suffered from severe allergies, causing his once fluffy coat to fall out in patches, and leaving itchy, painful scabs all over his tiny body. His former family could no longer provide the care he needed, and they surrendered Maxamillion to Seattle Humane, in hopes that we could provide relief for this very special dog.

Our veterinary team discovered that Max, a 5-year-old Pomeranian mix, needed a special diet, medication and formulated baths to ease the symptoms of his allergies. The healing process was slow, so he spent time with an experienced volunteer foster family who helped him feel more relaxed and comfortable. With each passing day, more and more of Max’s adorable personality quirks began to emerge.

We were encouraged by his progress, but as his skin improved, little Maxamillion showed signs of knee trouble common to toy breeds, and he required surgery to walk normally. Our veterinarian performed knee surgery, and Max went to hydrotherapy sessions to help him regain movement and flexibility. Despite everything Maxamillion had been through, he was still as smiley as ever! After nine months of foster care and treatment, Max was ready to meet his new family. He was quickly adopted and is now the beloved subject of many photo opportunities!

A Purrfect Match for Matilda

Every now and then we receive a pet into our care whose extra-special personality takes a little longer to uncover. At Seattle Humane, we are committed to giving every pet as much time as they need for us to find them a home of their own. Matilda is an example of a kitty who needed that extra time and patience to help her blossom.

She was surrendered to us by her owners when they were unable to meet her behavioral needs. Easily prone to stress, Matilda did not adjust well to her family’s travel schedule and needed a quieter home. When Matilda first arrived, she was afraid of other cats at the shelter and was losing weight. Our staff worked to calm her and earn her trust, giving her as much time as needed to settle in. Our veterinary team also discovered she was in pain and needed several dental extractions to feel better.

While Matilda was with us, she quickly became a staff favorite for the strong, but humorous, personality that slowly emerged. She spent three years in our care before a family came looking specifically for a cat who may have been overlooked by others. Matilda must have recognized the potential, as she turned on the charm and was more outgoing than ever when the family met her. Bolstered by the enthusiastic input of a dedicated volunteer who had fostered Matilda, the family decided that she would be a wonderful addition to their home. It was a joyful day here at Seattle Humane to see this girl finally meet her purrfect match!

Brother & Sister Kittens Reunited

Miss Belle, a 3-month-old kitten, was surrendered to Seattle Humane with her brother, Pumpkin, as part of an unplanned litter. When Pumpkin was adopted right away, Miss Belle became so upset that she stopped eating and then fell ill with an upper respiratory infection.

Many shelters don’t have the resources to care for young pets who have especially susceptible immune systems. But thanks to Seattle Humane’s Foster Care Program we were able to place Miss Belle in a loving volunteer foster home where she received special care and medication.

Miss Belle made a full recovery and was soon available for adoption. As luck would have it, the family who adopted Pumpkin learned that he had a sister who had fallen ill, and when they finally saw her appear on our website they raced down to Seattle Humane and adopted her!

This once sick little kitty is not only a part of a loving family, but also reunited with her brother in a warm and wonderful home. Their new adopters shared that the kittens greeted each other with lots of kisses and were so happy to be together again. Thank you to their new family for adopting not one, but two pets in need! 

A ‘Happily Ever After’ for Whiskey the Rabbit

At Seattle Humane, we don’t discriminate against any pet who comes to us in need – regardless of age, breed or medical condition. When a concerned citizen found Whiskey, a cold and badly injured stray rabbit in a park, he was immediately brought to the closest veterinary clinic. The veterinary staff felt that Whiskey’s injuries were too severe to treat. His finder didn’t give up though, and instead, brought Whiskey to Seattle Humane to get the medical attention he desperately needed.

As expected, Whiskey needed immediate surgery. One of his rear legs was shattered, and it had to be amputated. Our veterinarian was unsure of his outcome as rabbits are very sensitive, and require special attention in recovery. Because Whiskey was in need of some tender loving care, we sought out our most bunny-savvy adoption advisor, Teri Persen, to foster him in her home and nurse him back to health. Luckily, Whiskey is a very determined rabbit who loves new scenery. Each day he grew stronger on just three legs, motivated by the potential to explore, and hopping outside of his cage within days!

When Whiskey recovered and was ready to be adopted, his finder called to check in on the status of this special rabbit. She was thrilled that we were able to help him, and simply decided it was meant to be. After learning more about bunny care, she adopted Whiskey and named him this because, as she says, “he’s just as strong as the real whiskey.”

Whiskey’s second chance is possible because of the generous support of our community and its support for Seattle Humane’s life-saving work. Thanks to you, he’s now spoiled in his own home, munching on fresh greens and loving life as a healthy, happy bunny.



Well Hello There!

Chunk and his new brother Kernel are getting along greatly now. They love to play! Chunk is a love bug and wants cuddles all the time, which I just adore. 

Chunk & Kernel's New Family